TRUCKSTOP76th  is an indipendent italian record label founded in Rome in 2002,  and more exactly in Ostia, a suburban seaside district;  born from the will of the duo 'SEVENTYSIX'  (Mr .3p & NRN)  in order to spread their own music and that of their crew  in conjunction with the italian and international music scene. The music matrix of the label has its roots in the scene of the early illegal rave parties in the '90s and the early electro parties in the more prestigious and enduring electronic music clubs.
Since the beginning the elements that distinguish the sound of T.S.76th have  been the  classic sounds 808 and 303, that in the last years evolved in a  HYPERLINK ""all-comprehensive electronic style where any instrument and any sound can be used for the artistic creation.  
In 10 years of activities, always tuned with the evolutions of electronic music, TRUCKSTOP76th  released sparingly only their best works without forced protagonism; the first 3 releases set a trend for a new record, a LP compilation with different artists in comparison;  2 LP singles  and a new project called “SPLIT PROJECT” now already come to its third edition.
The idea of “split project” was created to artistically contrast with the idea of “VS”,  precisely to create a synergy between artists completely unrelated to each other, but
with a similar sound, thus making the label to be also a point of connection between different realities' . The concept of communication, comparison is made explicit in these 'back
to back  'vinyls to highlight and contribute to the idea of
independent music. Among the artists that released for TRUCKSTOP76th there are  SEVENTYSIX, MAX DURANTE, NRN, ICEONE, SNUFF CREW, THE MODEL,
DEKA..... Nowdays  Mr. 3P and Iceone are performing the activity of scouthing  to search for  and develop artistic paths for new talents and emerging artists
opening a new chapter of digital distribution
of the label that has always been linked to the vinyl support . 
In addition to record releasing TRUCKSTOP76th has always been notable for participating and organizing major events such as Electrode ( Forte Prenestino -7 editions-) from 2005 to 2012,
Exp-On Fest and Provocazioni Festival ( Acrobax Project ),
Crack Festival (Forte Prenestino ), Elettroma, ANTIMTV days
( XM24 Bologna ) Les Reveries (Barcellona),  but also for enlivening many electronic music clubs in Rome and all over Italy.

The last work in collaboration with STIRPE999 and
FESTIVAL 'in the Abruzzo region.

NUMEROLOGY . . 1533 . Filosofia Occulta . Cornelio Agrippa 7 is the symbol of mistery:
study and knowledge are its ways to explore the unknown. it represents the seven dominant planets, the days of the week and the seven musical notes as well.
it combines unity (1) with perfection (6), in order to form its own simmetry and become the true psychic number.
6 is the symbol of reliability. it represents the six colours of the rainbow, so it is in full harmony with Nature.
It is divisible by 2 (even number) and 3 (odd number), thus combing fundamental elements from both.
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